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Ingram Road Nursery Options

Ingram Road Nursery - what we can offer


At Ingram Road we strive to help parents in making sure that our Nursery provision is as flexible as possible. All children over 3 years old are entitled to 15 hours of free childcare (in the term AFTER their 3rd birthday), we may be able to offer a place as soon as they turn 3.


Nursery sessions (15 hours per week)

Our morning nursery session opens at 8.45 and closes at 11.45.




Our afternoon nursery session opens at 12.15 and closes at 3.15.


Block Care (15 hours per week)

We may be able to offer ‘block care’ where parents may wish to use their 15-hour entitlement across 2 and a half days, rather than every morning or every afternoon.


Extra sessions for parents who are NOT eligible to claim 30 hours Free Childcare

We are also able to offer extra sessions on a regular basis at a cost of £10 per session, these are limited and have to be booked at least 1 week in advance.



Unfortunately, the lunchtime period is not included in the government funded sessions. Therefore, there will be a charge of £2.80 for the supervision of your child over lunchtime and if you child requires a school meal there will be a further charge of £2.20, alternatively you can provide a packed lunch for your child, or check whether you are eligible to claim free school meals.


30 Hours Free Childcare

The government has committed to doubling the amount of free childcare from 15 to 30 hours a week for working parents of nursery age pupils (from September 2017). They want the 30 hours extended entitlement to have a real impact on the lives of families, supporting parents who wish to work, or to work more hours, to be able to do so. Some working parents of 3 to 4 year old's in England will be eligible for 30 hours of funded childcare, rather than the current 15 hours over term time (38 weeks of the year).

Not every child will be eligible for the 30 hours but everyone will still receive the 15 hours funded childcare that is currently available.


The eligibility rules for 30 hours funded childcare are as follow:

  • Your child will be aged 3 or 4 to be eligible.

  • Both parents must be working - or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family.

  • Each parent earns, on average, a weekly minimum equivalent to 16 hours at National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage.

  • Each parent must have an annual income of less than £100,000.

  • You live in England.


If you think you may be entitled to 30 hours free childcare, you will need to register on the HMRC website as soon as possible.


If you need help, speak to a member of the school team who will be able to advise you.


In order to apply for 30 hours, parents MUST apply for a voucher code via HMRC’s childcare service website. Once you have this code, you must bring it to the school office, must be handed into the main office at school as soon as possible. The code must be verified each term, or the funding may be withdrawn, and you will loose your 30 hour entitlement and revert to 15 hours. It is the parents’ responsibility to verify the code.


30 Hour Provision – For Eligible Working Parents

Places for children who are eligible for 30 hours free childcare are limited in our Nursery, but we will make every effort to help those parents who are eligible. We will also be able to consult with other childcare providers in the area as you may be able to utilise their facilities.




And finally..

We hope that however you decide to use your entitlement, that you know your children will be safe and happy in our care.


We look forward to meeting you and your child.