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How will the school prepare and support my child when joining Ingram Road Primary School or transferring to a new school?

 Ingram Road Primary school understands what a stressful time moving schools can be therefore many strategies are in place to enable the pupil’s transition to be as smooth as possible.

Movement into Foundation Stage:

  • A planned programme of visits in the summer term for pupils starting in Foundation in September including Play and Stay visits with parents/carers, and a visit to their new class (without parent/ carer).
  • Parent/carers are invited to a meeting at the school prior to starting Foundation in September so that they know what to expect and are encouraged to share any concerns with the school. This is then followed by a number of meetings for parents to develop their understanding of expectations at different points within the year.
  • Reception class teachers visit all children due to start Reception class in their pre-school setting. Where concerns are raised Mrs. Biggs (SENCo) may visit the setting and meet with parents to discuss any issues. In some circumstances individual arrangements may be made for starting school, such as shorter hours.
  • Nursery Key workers and the class teacher take part in a home visits throughout Autumn term, prior to children starting Nursery. This will be followed up with an additional opportunity for children to visit the school with their parents/carers and staggered starts to settle pupils into Nursery as appropriate and tailored to the need of the individual child.

Transition to Key Stage One & Two:

  • Throughout summer term children in Reception classes take part in additional transition days to allow them to become familiar with their new class and the adults within the phase.
  • Children with additional needs with 1:1 support will regularly visit their new class.
  • Children across school are given the opportunity to visit their new classroom and teacher in the Summer Term on our Transition Day.
  • Class teachers across school meet to discuss and share childrens learning journeys, needs and strengths before children transition to a new class.
  • Children will sometimes receive booklets to increase their understanding of their transition into a new phase.

Secondary transition:

  • Our School Welfare Officer (Mrs Robb,) works with children anxious about the move. This provides them with the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have.           
  • Secondary school staff visit pupils prior to them joining their new school and meet with class teachers to discuss individual needs.
  • Mrs Biggs (SENCo) meets with SENCos from the secondary schools to pass on information regarding children with SEN.
  • Children attend a transition day where they travel to and visit the school they will be attending in September.
  • Children with additional educational needs may be offered additional transition days at the High School.
  • Opportunities to work with local secondary schools are actively encouraged so that children are familiar with their new schools.

Mid-year transition:

  • We give all children a tour of the school with their parent/carer.
  • We introduce children to their new teacher and show them where they will put their coats etc.
  • Children are given a buddy in school who helps to guide them through their first week.
  • We agree the start date and in certain circumstances, such as the child not having attended school before, and an individual timetable of transition may be agreed prior to starting.
  • Where specific needs have been identified the SENco may visit the previous school to gain information on how to make the transition successful.