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Tapestry - home/school communication 





Tapestry allows us to make observations for your children where we can attach photos and videos, as well as include assessments which we can use to track children’s development and progress.

On Tapestry, parents/guardians and other relatives can view, like and comment on the observations we make for your child. You can also add your own observations of what your child does outside of the setting.

We use the Care Diary function on Tapestry which allows us to record food, drink and toilet entries. The Care Diary also has an accident form section and comments tool which we can use to send messages back and forth between you and us.

Tapestry also has a Documents feature that we use to upload documents to share with you, such as our policies and protocols.

If you give your permission, we will set you up with your own individual account using your email address. This account will be directly linked to your child's account, which means you will only be able to see observations that include your child. You will then be able to login with your email address and password to either the browser version of Tapestry ( or to the app. Tapestry has apps for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices. If you choose to use the app, after you login initially, you can use a 4-digit PIN to quickly log back in.

Tapestry securely stores all the data we input to our account on their servers. If you want to find out more information about how Tapestry keeps our data safe and secure, you just need to go to


For more information about how to download the Tapestry App please take a look at the guides below: