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Kids Crew

Kids Crew


Kids Crew is made up of children who have a 'green' status in school who  can apply for a Kids Crew job role. 

There are a variety of 'jobs' on offer at the start of the academic year. Children can apply for a Kids Crew  role when they see advertisements for vacancies; some of the roles include:


  • Librarian
  • Lunch Hall Manager
  • Waiter
  • Office Assistant
  • Teachers Aide


Children's applications will include a short statement about themselves and why they think they would be good at the job they are applying for. They then need an adult to add their thoughts as to why they would be good at the job.


Children will be shortlisted and then invited to a mini 'interview', and if they manage to impress, they could get the job! 


Each job comes with responsibilities, including turning up on time, every day and carrying out the duties of the job. 


If a Kids Crew member fails to attend, they may be asked to resign from their job.


It's a very good experience for children to learn about the world of work and what could be expected of them.