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Design and Technology

Curriculum Intent


At Ingram Road Primary School, we believe Design and Technology should provide children with a real life context for learning. Design and Technology is an inspiring and practical subject which allows children to explore the world around them. Through our delivery of the National Curriculum, we encourage children to use their creativity and imagination. To design and make and evaluate products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. Using this approach, also ensures that all learners are able to participate in our broad and balanced curriculum, which we have developed to enable all children to thrive. At Ingram Road we use the Projects on a Page scheme of work to support the teaching of our curriculum. Design and Technology is a very real subject so we feel it is very important for children to evaluate existing products and learn about different designers, creators and chefs at the beginning of the design process. This then develops children’s awareness of the world around them, supporting them in becoming the next generation of innovators and risk-takers.    

Intent, Implement, Impact

DT National Curriculum


This is the vocabulary we are learning to use in Spring Term


Evaluate – To look at the work you have completed and decide what has gone well and how it can be improved.

Design – A plan, normally a drawing, to decide what you are going to do.

Sew – To join, fasten or repair by making stitches with a needle and thread.

Embroider – To decorate cloth by sewing patterns on cloth.

Seam - A line along which two pieces of fabric are sewn together.

Quilt - Join together layers of fabric or padding with lines of stitching.

Circuit – path through which electricity passes.

Conductor – a material which allows an electric current to pass through it.

Insulator – a material which does not easily allow electric current to pass through it.

Prototype – a model made to test whether a design will work.

Reed switch – a switch operated by a magnet.

Toggle switch – a switch operated when a lever is pressed.

System – a set of related parts or components that together achieve a desired outcome.

Output devices – components that produce an outcome e.g. bulbs and buzzers.

Input devices – components that are used to control an electrical circuit e.g. switches.


Rubbing in - is a technique where flower is rubbed into fat to make dishes such as short crust pastry, crumbles and scones. 

Knead - to mix by pressing, folding, and pulling using using hands.

Bran - the outer layer of wheat and other cereal.

Grains - wheat or any other cultivated cereal used as food. 

Dough - a thick malleable mixture of flour and liquid used for baking into bread or pastry.

Yeast - Tiny, single cells that are used to make break, alcohol, and some medicines


Foundation Stage: 


This half term EYFS are going to be tasting different Chinese foods as part of their Chinese New Year learning. The foods they will taste will be noodles, with sauces such as soy and sweet chilli. Then also prawn crackers, fortune cookies as well. 


During this time, the children will be encouraged to learn the following vocabulary, spicy, delicious, sweet, cracker, noodle. 

Chinese Food Tasting

The children in EYFS really enjoyed the tasting the Chinese food. Everyone tried the noodles and the soy sauce, some where then brave to try the sweet chilli sauce. Straight away everyone said "Yum!" When trying the fortune cookies. 

Here are some of the comments from the children. 

"I like the noodles, they are like what Mummy makes at home for tea," Said Evans. 

"The sweet chilli sauce is too spicy," Thought Martha-Jane.

"I like cookie," Said Destiny. 

"Delicious," Says Freddie. 

"My favourite was the soy sauce and noodles," Says Emily.





Useful Websites you might like to take a look at! 

On this website you are able to take a look at different designers and see what they designed.

This is a good website which looks at healthy eating and making good choices when you are cooking. There are also some lovely recipes you might like to make at home! At the top of the page, you can select your age group to learn lots about being healthy.