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Curriculum Intent


At Ingram Road our aim is to develop children’s fascination and curiosity by equipping our children with skills to develop their computational thinking and creativity to understand the world. The progression of skills throughout school allows children to build on prior knowledge and allows, as children progress through the curriculum, for them to be able to express themselves in many different media using technology safely. We aim to inspire children to think about how their computational skills can be used in the real world. For example, the use of QR codes which hold familiarity to children and the programming which children use is used to programme their games and software. We aim for children to leave Ingram Road digitally literate, being able to use their knowledge to express themselves through technology. We aim for our children to be thoroughly equipped with the skillset desired for employment in later life.

Online safety plays a vital role within our computing curriculum. We actively and positively engage the children in remaining safe online, providing them with the knowledge to do so. We aim to encourage children’s curiosity but ensure that they’re equipped to be safe explorers of the online world. We strongly believe that children need to be aware of the world around them to be able to make safe decisions. Our children will receive the essentials in online safety to keep themselves and others safe whilst online, not only in school but in their future ventures.

Intent, Implement, Impact

Computing Skills Progression

Computing National Curriculum


Spring term:



Challenge Zone

Test your knowledge with our Escape rooms. Just simply follow the link and log in to Purple Mash and select the Escape room you wish to try. Will you Escape or will you run out of time? laugh

Purple Mash by 2Simple

Scan me to log on and use Purple Mash!


Useful links

How to get started on Purple Mash Part 1

How to get started on Purple Mash Part 2


Purple Mash by 2Simple

Become a coding expert using:

Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share (

Create a logo using: 




What we have been learning

Computing Ambassadors

Our computing ambassadors are a new and upcoming group of aspiring digital leaders. They ooze passion and enthusiasm in all things technology and are ready to help their teachers and peers combat the ever growing world of computing.

They are currently preparing to trial a 'community coding project' using some new technology 'microbits' in order to create solutions for problems that affect our planet, such as; pollution, global warming etc.