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Welcome Back - September 2022

Welcome Back! 

6th September 2022


Dear Parents/Carers


I hope you have had a very relaxing summer break and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The whole school team are looking forward to welcoming your children back to school. I hope your children are looking forward to coming back and meeting their new teachers.

As much as I’m sure you have enjoyed spending time with them at home, I’m sure you’ll also be happy that they are coming back to school!


We have some exciting plans for the new school year to enhance your child’s learning experiences. As well as lots of different celebrations throughout the school year, all children will be going on school visits to local museums, galleries, farms and woods and taking part in lots of sporting activities. The highlight for our Year 5 children, will be an invite to join us on our annual residential at Lineham Farm in March 2023.


Every summer, we make improvements to our school to make sure we are providing the best learning environment for your children. This year has been no exception; the school was decorated, we’ve had new carpets fitted in the classrooms and the outdoor areas have had spruce up with a lick of paint. We are creating new spaces for our school library, interventions and an exciting new inclusion space for sensory learning called The Hub.


Welcoming new children - In the first few days of term we will be welcoming lots of new children. Our new Reception children (Holly & Elderberry classes) will start at 9am and finish at 11.30 (on Wednesday and Thursday) and will stay for lunch on Friday until 1pm. If your child is starting in reception, please make sure that you collect your child on time, as it can be upsetting for them if you are not there to collect them. They will begin their full timetable from 9am to 3.15pm on Monday 12th September, this will help them to settle in to the new school routine without them becoming too overwhelmed.


Our Nursery -will also re-open on Monday 12th September. We still have a few places left if you have children who will be 3 years old this year. Please speak to a member of staff if you would like more information on how to enrol your child.


For all other children (year 1 to year 6) - the school time table is outlined below. On the first couple of days, there will be members of staff available to help to show children to their new class.

Children can arrive at the school playground gates to enter their classrooms from 8.45 giving children the opportunity to be ready for registration and start their lessons promptly at 9am.

Please be on time every day, as this can affect your child’s overall attendance, and have a negative impact on their morning lessons.



Start Time

Finish Time

Collection Point

Foundation Stage



Playground Gate, Rydall Place

Year 1/Year 2


Start Time

Finish Time




Playground Gate, Rydall Place





Year 3/Year 4


Start Time

Finish Time




Playground Gate, Brown Lane East

Year 5/Year6


Start Time

Finish Time




Playground Gate, Brown Lane East



Here are a few reminders


With the six-week holidays behind us, here are a few reminders to help you and your children to get the new term off to a good start:


Attendance - All children of statutory school age are expected to attend school full time. There will be attendance awards and prizes throughout the school year (more information to follow). Our school attendance expectation is 96% - although we would like every child to aim for 100%!


If for any reason your child will not be in school on the first day back, (or any other day) please contact the school office before 9am on 0113 2456136 or email  Please provide a valid reason for your child’s absence; shopping for shoes, taking time off for birthdays will NOT be authorised and will affect your child’s attendance and the School Welfare Officer will contact you.


Late Children -The gates will open at 8.45am and close at 9.10am. If the school playground gates are locked, please report to the school office with your child. You will need to sign them in with a member of staff at the Haven entrance.


Breakfast Club - will be available as in previous years; you will be requested to complete a registration form. Children attending should enter the school via the Haven at 8.15am.


Appointments during the school day - Routine appointments for the Dentist and Doctors should be made either before or after school, or during school holidays. Emergency dental/doctor appointments and Hospital appointments should be reported to the school office with the appointment letter.


Behaviour in School - Children are expected to follow the school rules at all times. The School Behaviour Policy clearly outlines our expectations and can be found on the school website.


Pupil Wellbeing – Time2Talk - We take your child’s wellbeing and the wellbeing of our whole school community very seriously. We want you to know that we will do everything we can to look after your child’s social, emotional and mental health, as well as their academic and physical needs. We have an onsite school counsellor who can help children and parents with any problems. If you would like any help, please contact the school office.


First Aid and Medicines - If in the event your child needs first aid at school, we are very lucky in school that nearly all of our Teaching Assistants are Paediatric First Aid trained. If your child needs medication (prescribed by a GP) whilst in school parents must bring it to the school office to authorise school staff to administer it. Children MUST NOT have medicine in their school bag. This includes inhalers and pain relief such as paracetamol.


School Meals - Children will eat their lunch at different times (according to their phase in school) in the main school hall. Children in Reception classes, year 1 and year 2 will be provided with FREE a hot meal. Children in years 3-6 can either bring a packed lunch or pay for a hot school meal costing £12 per week. Parents in receipt of some benefits may be entitled to claim Free School Meals, please enquire at the school office.


Healthy Packed Lunches – Children in years 3-6 may bring a Healthy Packed Lunch instead of having a school meal. Please remember we do not allow chocolate or fizzy drinks. We would like to see fruit, cheese/yogurt, sandwiches or wraps. No FAST food bought from takeaways, ie burgers etc and no food that has to be heated or is brought in warm as this can breed germs. All packed lunches must be brought in with your child every morning.


School Milk – All children are encouraged to drink a small carton of milk every day. This helps to provide the calcium young bodies need for healthy teeth and bones. School milk is kept in fridges throughout the day and will be given to children whose parents request it. You will receive an online form with further information.


Water Bottles - Your child need their own water bottle. They can leave it in school and we have mains fed water filling stations throughout school. Children are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day.


After School Activity Clubs – Enrolment forms for all after school activities (year 1-year 6) will be sent out in the first week of term with all activities starting in the week commencing 12th September. These will include the children’s favourites Dazl Dance, Active Club, Boxing, Wildcats (Girls Football) and many others throughout the year. Football Training for our school football teams will also be announced.


After School Child Care – We are hoping to be able to provide After School Care for working parents/parents who attend full time college. This will be charged at £5 per day and will be available from 3.30 to 4.30pm, but depends on how many places are requested and will be bookable and payable in advance. More information to follow.


School Uniform – all children are expected to wear school uniform.


  • Grey/black skirt, trousers or dress
  • Red sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper
  • White polo-shirts, shirts or blouses
  • Sensible, comfortable school shoes or trainers.


  • PE kit:  Black shorts, white T-shirt, pumps or trainers
  • Black joggers/leggings and a Black sweashirt or hoodie for colder weather.  


It is advisable for children bring the PE kit on Monday and leave it in school and take home on Friday so that it can be used at the clubs they attend after school as well as for their PE lesson.


They will also need:


  • A plastic water bottle (£1.50 buy online at
  • A school book bag


Jewellery such as rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. should not be worn to school and if children’s ears have been pierced only stud type ear-rings should be worn. This is an essential safety precaution.


If parents have any concerns about uniform then please speak to a member of staff.


Contact details – We may need to get in touch with you from time to time. Our preferred method is via the school app where we push notifications to your mobile device about events in school. We also send letters and forms via email and/or text. It is therefore essential that you notify school of any changes to your contact details (email and phone number). Please notify the school office by telephone: 0113 2456136 or email


If you require any further information please visit the school website in the first instance, where the pages can be translated into different languages.


If you still need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Yours faithfully


Miss S Millard