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Road Safety!!

20th October 2021


Dear Parents/Carers


I wrote a news item earlier this month about road safety and explained that I am very concerned about Road Safety for our whole school community.


We have a number of parents who are parking dangerously on the roads outside of school.

We have had a few 'near misses' recently, where children have not been able to cross the road safely and could quite easily have been knocked down and injured.


We need your help! 


Please DO NOT park directly outside of the school gates on Brown Lane East.


Please DO NOT park on the yellow zig zag lines on Rydall Place - these are there to stop drivers from parking outside of school - you could receive a fixed penalty notice of £30 from the Civil Enforcement Officer.


To protect your children PLEASE:


Make sure that both YOU and YOUR CHILDREN walk on the footpaths and NOT on the road.

Make sure that your children are being supervised at all times when they are outside of school - especially younger children please hold their hand!

Please talk to your children about the importance of road safety.

Watch these short videos with your children to help them to understand how to cross the roads safely.


KS 1 (age 3-6) Crossing Road - Kids Know Best!


KS2 (age 7-12) Road Ready? - Expect the unexpected


Fore more information about Road Safety please visit our website


The Traffic Enforcement Officer from the council is monitoring traffic and parking around school if you do not follow the Highway Code - you may get a parking ticket costing £30! Parking Charge Notice (PCN).


Thank you for yoour co-operation and understanding of this very important issue.


Yours faithfully


 Miss S Millard