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1th January 2021


Dear Parents/Carers


Collect & return your work pack every MONDAY

Learning Activities and work packs have been produced for the week commencing Monday 11th January, these will be used for the children who are attending school and also for children at home - these will need to be collected by parents for children who are staying at home.


The activity pack MUST be brought back to school every Monday, so that it can be marked by your teacher and you will be sent feedback every Wednesday. If you fail to collect or return the pack you will be contacted so that can understand why and can help if you are having problems.


Each Monday morning, activities for the WEEK will be posted on our school blog a blog which will include Reading/Phonics, English, Maths, Science, Spellings and ideas for additional activities such as PE.


Home Learning Packs, If you have more than 1 child in school, please collect from eldest child’s gate
Reception  (Holly & Elderberry) 9.30am-10am Nursery Gates 
KS1 (Cedar, Beech & Willow) 9.30am-10am Rydal Terrace Gate 
LKS2 (Elm,Maple & Hazel) 10am-10.30am Brown Lane Gate
UKS2 (Oak,Ash & Sycamore) 9.30am-10am Brown Lane Gate


There will be no exceptions! ALL children will be expected to be engaged in learning. We have tried to make the packs and information as accessible to all as possible. But if you are having difficulty you can let us know, we will tell you 

The home learning is now LIVE on the school website:


Yours faithfully


Miss S Millard Headteacher