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Home Learning - Help!

26th March


Dear Parents/Carers


We are getting some great feedback from parents about the different activities you and your children are doing to keep busy. 


Here are a few top tips:

We keep getting asked 'Home learning - am I doing it right?'


Here are suggestions that teachers have put on our  Home Learning page for each phase


Foundation, Nursery, Elderberry and Holly class


Key Stage 1 Beech, Cedar and Willow


Lower Key Stage 2 - Maple, Hazel and Elm


Upper Key Stage 2 - Oak, Ash and Sycamore


There's no right or wrong way. You are not supposed to be able to teach in the same way that a school teacher would. This isn't the expectation. We just want you to be able to help you to keep your children busy! 


The best thing you can do is a little bit each day:


  • A little bit of reading - their own reading book or look at the resources on Home Learning.
  • A little bit of writing -  write a diary each day of what you have been doing or look at the resources on Home Learning.
  • A little bit of maths - practice basic maths skills, counting, adding or look on the resources in Home Learning
  • A little bit of physical activity - keeping active is important, make up your own exercise routine!


It's time to get creative! Try baking some buns, or ask your children to help tidy cupboards or drawers with you, or draw some colourful pictures for your neighbours. 


But please don't let yourself or your children get stressed about whether you are doing enough or whether you're 'doing it right'. 


The most important thing is that you stay at home, and stay safe, and remember, there are staff in school, if you want to ask any questions please contact school between 8am and 3pm.


Your child's class teacher will contact you weekly to see how you are, and answer any questions you may have.


Kind regards


Mrs Greaves

School Business Manager