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Curriculum Intent

At Ingram Road Primary School, the intention of our MFL curriculum is to develop an interest in and thirst for learning other languages. We aim to introduce the learning of the French language and the understanding of its culture in enjoyable and stimulating ways. We aim to embed the essential skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. We aim to build the children's 'culture capital' so that they are aware of similarities and differences between cultures. In short, we aim to lay the foundations for future language learning. 

Intent, Implementation, Impact

French Policy 2021

Skills Progression - French

Primary National Curriculum - Languages


Vocabulary for Summer 1:


* (m) = masculine 

   (f) = feminine 

  Le, un (the, a/an) = masculine

  La, une (the, a/an) = feminine 


                                         LKS2                         UKS2                   

oui - yes

non - no

J'aime ... - I like...

Je n'aime pas... - I don't like...

J'adore... - I love...

Je deteste... - I hate...

Quels sports aimes-tu? - What sports do you like?


la gymnastique - the gymastics

la lutte - the wrestling

le hockey - the hockey

le ski - the skiing

le tennis - the tennis

le rugby - the rugby

le football - the football 

la course a pied - the running

la natation - the swimming

Quel est ton sport prefere? What is your favourite sport?

Mon sport prefere est le/la... My favourite sport is the...


Quels loisirs aimes-tu? What hobbies do you like?

nager - to swim

danser - to dance

jouer au football - to play football

regarde la television - to watch television 

jouer sur mon ordinateur - to play on my computer

lire - to read 

dessiner - to draw (art)

chanter - to sing 





Additional Resources for Vocabulary

What we are learning this half term:

LSK2 are learning about sports and hobbies. The children will learn the names of various sports and pastimes, and they will ask and answer questions to share their hobbies and preferences. 

UKS2 are learning about French culture.

Useful Websites:

Scroll down and click on the links for lots of games, stories, songs and activities in French. 


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French Easter Traditions - competition winners!

Our Learning Gallery

LKS2 - Year 3 and Year 4

Maple Class playing games to learn the names of the colours in French.

Spring Term

UKS2 - Year 5 and Year 6