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Annual Governing Board Statement - Chair of Governors

What do Governors do?

You may be wondering why Ingram Road Primary School needs a Governing Board and what it does. We thought we would tell you about the work we did last year so that you know a little bit more about our role – you never know, you may like to join us as a Parent Governor  one day!

Resources Committee

The governors on this committee make sure that money is well spent. You will probably have heard on the news how many schools are struggling to keep going financially in these difficult times. At Ingram Road, although we needing to be careful, our budget is fairly healthy and we are able to afford most of the things we need for your children. One of the reasons our budget is healthy is because Ingram Road benefits from extra money in the form of grants for Pupil Premium, Sports Premium and SEN. We know that a lot of thought goes into how money is spent at Ingram Road and that it is not wasted because we have visited school and talked to staff about this.

The Resources Committee also monitors what is done to make sure your children are safe at school. One of our governors went on a Health and Safety walk around school this year and checked that the relevant staff had all the information they would need in an emergency. Other governors have looked at the school’s Central Record of Recruitment to make sure that all staff are checked to make sure they do not have have a criminal record before they are given a job at Ingram Road. This year, we have also had to check that school is conforming to the new general Data protection Regulation, which it is.

Teaching and Learning & Pupil Support Committee

The governors on this committee monitor teaching and learning at Ingram Road and what is done to make sure that pupils get the support they need. This year, governors have visited school to look at the changes that have been made in the way that reading is taught and encouraged. We have seen that Guided Reading lessons have been changed so that all pupils work on their reading with a teacher every day, or with a Teaching Assistant if they need extra support. We have talked to pupils about the Reading Races they have taken part in and have heard that a lot of parents came to school for the Reading Coffee Mornings. Well done everyone!

We have heard from the Maths Leader about the changes being made to the Maths Curriculum to make the subject feel more relevant and accessible to pupils. We have also seen how important educational visits are to make a subject like History come to life for pupils.  

Governors have noticed a lot of changes in the Early Years and Foundation Stage. The learning environment has been revamped to improve teaching and learning and planning for lessons now focuses on what children need to learn rather than being project based.

We hope you find this information useful.


Deryn Porter, Chair of Governors